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The Nigerian Business Association of Qatar is a non-profit making organisation formed by a group of Nigerian professionals resident in Qatar.  The key goal is to build bridges between the nations of Nigeria and Qatar that will translate into economic benefits for individual and corporate citizens of both nations.

Topical questions and answers will be posted here from time to time, to help navigate the culturally and economically diverse terrain of these two nations .



  1. What is NBAQ?

    The Nigeria Business Association of Qatar (NBAQ) is a not-for-profit organisation of Nigerian professionals’ resident in Qatar, driven by a vision of promoting opportunities for Nigerian professionals, investors and business organizations in both countries to participate in the development of the Nigerian and Qatari economies. With the abundant hydrocarbon resources present in both nations, NBAQ believes there are abundant opportunities for synergy between Nigeria and Qatar. NBAQ intends to provide the information gateway for intending professionals and investors from both countries tol guide and facilitate such synergy.

  2. How many Nigerians are living and working in Qatar?

    An estimated 10000 Nigerians currently live in Qatar, some of whom have lived in Qatar for over 15 years. They are mainly professionals in the Oil and Gas, Construction, Medical, Academic and Hospitality industries. The past eight years has also witnessed an increase in the population of Nigerians in Qatar mainly due to large investment in Oil and Gas and massive infrastructural development by the Qatari Government. This is in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 under the wise and visionary leadership of His Highness, the Emir of the State of Qatar. The professional depth of Nigeria’s Oil & Gas industry, the quality, skills and competence of the Nigerian workforce  has also encouraged Qatari businesses and organisations to look towards Nigeria for skills resourcing.

  3. What is it like living and working in Qatar?

    Qatar is a very peaceful country with a very effective security system. The citizens are receptive to foreigners and have very high cultural values. The Qataris (as the citizens are known), as in all countries of the Middle East have very strong cultural and religious beliefs and as such, all expatriates are expected to respect and appreciate these values. The capital city of Doha is a modern city with good infrastructural facilities laden with a deliberate flavor of Arabian architecture. Continuous infrastructural development is a key characteristic of Doha, and one should expect to see a lot of these within this city and other cities in Qatar. A rich mix of nationalities from North America, Western Europe, Africa and Asia can also be easily identified everywhere one goes in the country. Though Arabic is the official language, English is widely spoken. For the avid learner who may want to learn and speak Arabic, the government has provided facilities and avenues that make this easily and readily available. The general impression among the expat community in Qatar is that it is a good place to raise a family.

  4. Does Nigeria have an Embassy in Qatar?

    Nigeria has an embassy in Qatar. The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Doha, Qatar was officially opened to the public on the 8th of June, 2013.

    The mandate of the Embassy includes: Consular and Welfare Matters, Immigration Affairs, Education & Student Affairs, Bilateral, Political and Multilateral Relations, Trade and Economic Affairs, as well as Information Dissemination.

    His Excellency, Shuaibu Adamu Ahmed is Nigeria's Ambassador to the State of Qatar.




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  1. How Do I get a job in Qatar?

    Job placement in Qatar is as applicable as in any other country. There are international recruitment agencies that are resourcing for major organizations in Qatar. One can register online with any of these agencies and if found suitable, a candidate’s application will be processed vis-à-vis vacancies available at the time based on relevant qualifications and professional experience. In addition, prospective apllicants can also apply directly through the career section of the website of the organisation of interest. Selection for follow-up interviews is, of course at the employers’ discretion and also based on professional experiences and qualifications matched against the job requirements. It is advisable not to come to Qatar without having secured a job or some form of gainful employment as the cost of living is relatively high and the timescale of getting employment is very uncertain and cannot be determined or assumed. In most cases, people who come to Qatar looking for employment do not get jobs that match their professional experiences and qualifications, making them financially vulnerable and emotionally unstable.

  2. What Employment Opportunities are currently available in Qatar?

    Being one of the fastest growing economies in the world presently, there is a constant need for experienced professionals in various fields and cadres.

    For instance in the Oil & Gas sector, a number of large-scale projects, which will need a large and varied number of professionals are expected to come on stream between now and 2015. These projects include a new Petrochemical Plant, The ExxonMobil/Rasgas domestic LPG Production “Barzan” Project and the Shell GTL Plant. In the hospitality section, new hotels will be opened and the total number of hotel rooms will increase significantly in the years ahead. These new hotels will also require lots of competent and experienced professionals.

    Other areas burgeoning currently are the Construction and Real Estate Industry as well as the Sports Promotions sector.

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  1. Are there Investment Opportunities in Qatar?

    Qatar is one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. Fairly small in terms of population and geographical area, but boasts the third largest gas reserves in the world and in recent years one of the fastest growing economies. The abundance of natural resources coupled with recent legal liberalisation, economic diversification and a burgeoning economy means that there are many opportunities for non-Qataris to invest in Qatar. Non-Qatari investors are welcomed.

  2. How can one engage in Business activities in Qatar?

    Qatar’s Ministry of Business and Trade regulates business activities in the State of Qatar. The business environment in Qatar is open for both citizens and foreigners. The level and sectors of participation for local and international organizations, however depends on what sector of the economy is involved. Consequently, ownership of business enterprises in certain sectors requires mandatory ownership of Qatari citizens, with at least a partnership structure of 51% going held by the Qatari partner. However, in some sectors of the economy, government has recently issued a decree allowing foreign ownership of business. For detail requirements, please see the publications hosted in other sections of this website.

  3. Are there any established Nigerian Business organisations in Qatar?

    Presently, there are no established major Nigerian business interests in Qatar. However, there are some small scale enterprises in partnership with Qatari citizens in the beauty sector, and of recent also in the supply services and construction sectors. However, larger-scaled investments in other sectors of the economy are required to promote business and trade between the State of Qatar and Nigeria.

  4. How can one come in to prospect for business opportunities in Qatar?

    One needs to apply for a Business Visa. This is processed through the Immigration Department of Qatar’s Ministry of Interior based in Doha. To process a business visa however, you will need an invitation from a registered company in Qatar, which will apply visa and thereby sponsor the applicant’s application. An application cannot be sponsored without a bona fide sponsor. One will be required to submit the information page of a passport to process the visa. For further information, please check the official e-government website of the Qatar, known as Hukoomi, a direct link is available at the Links page of this website.

  5. Does Qatar Invest in Africa?

    The Qatari government and certain private organisations are known to be investing in many African states currently. The investment portfolio includes property developments in Sudan, Morocco and Egypt and Iron Ore development in Mauritania. Similarly, the Ghanaian Investment Promotion Council is in discussions with a Qatari firm for investments in agriculture and food production to the tune of US$700 Million. Other private Qatari firms are also seeking investment opportunities in African countries with high potential for economic growth like Nigeria.

  6. What kinds of Investment Opportunities are available in Nigeria, especially for Qatari firms?

    As Africa’s most populous nation (current population estimates are in the region of 150 million), there exists a large consumer base for a large number of products. For instance, it is the world’s fastest growing mobile telecommunications market.

    Being located in the Tropical Rainforest and Savannah belts, it is a prime location for large-scale Arable Farming and Agricultural Projects.

    Nigeria is also a top ten producer of Crude Oil and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), two areas, whose associated industries are known to have high return on investments. Investing in Infrastructural development is also seen as a welcome area by both the government and the private sector presently.

  7. What conditions are foreign investors expected to fulfill when starting a business in Nigeria?

    For comprehensive information on the above question and more, kindly contact the Nigerian Investment Promotion Council, through its website

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